During my downtime from a sprained ankle (thanks crazy Brooklyn potholes!), I decided to go back and count all the miles that I’ve ran in Brooklyn since 2009. I went back and forth on when I should officially starting counting my Brooklyn miles. Part of me wanted to start cleanly from late July in 2012 when, on a street corner, I boldly announced my intention to run all of Brooklyn to a motley audience of a couple of cockroaches, a discarded half-chewed glove, and a sad looking pigeon pecking fitfully at god knows what (still counts as applause!).

It would be a clean start to say I ran all of Brooklyn in a year (and has a nice ring to it). However, why waste all the runs I’ve already done? It’s hard enough to run every street in Brooklyn given everything that can go wrong or distract from the goal. And, out of curiosity, I want to see how many miles I’ve already ran through my normal patterns. So I’m counting the miles from 2009 to now. Again, these are only runs I can prove via the Garmin Forerunner watch, which shows through science or satellites or magic which streets exactly I have ran down.

The Verdict

Well, if I had known how tedious it would be to go through 150+ runs and cross off streets and calculate the miles, I might not have done it. But what else am I going to do? Have a life? Not know the delicate warm joy of opening a running spreadsheet on a Saturday morning? Not bloody likely. Anyway, here are the results below. If anyone really wants to see my spreadsheet or a list of all the runs as proof, ask me for it. Otherwise, I won’t bore you with the details.


  • Runs: 7
  • Unique Miles: 38.16
  • Miles in Brooklyn: 48.13
  • % of 1742 Mile Goal: 2.2 Percent
  • Notes: Hewed close to the Western part of Brooklyn, mostly for long runs in preparation for the NYC marathon and when I actually ran it. Most of my miles were in the Park Slope area, although the long runs and marathon meant I ran in long stretches through Bensonhurst all the way to Greenpoint. Living in Manhattan still, on the Upper East Side, so any runs in Brooklyn were few and far between.


  • Runs: 4
  • Unique Miles: 7.54
  • Miles in Brooklyn: 17.6
  • % of 1742 Mile Goal (2009-2010): 2.6 Percent
  • Notes: Missing a huge chunk of runs as Garmin Connect info is gone from May 13 to Dec. 20th. Moved to Brooklyn in the early Fall, so missing some months of exclusive Brooklyn running. But with my typical running patterns, I doubt I would have hit that many more unique miles. Probably saved me a few days of calculating, too.


  • Runs: 132
  • Unique Miles: 69.62
  • Miles in Brooklyn: 527.94
  • % of 1742 Mile Goal (2009-2011): 6.6 Percent
  • Notes: First full year in Brooklyn so I’m starting to get more miles. Like everyone, I repeat a lot of routes. So 60+ of the 132 runs are entirely redundant; that is, no unique miles, not even a block. And most other runs were less than a mile unique. Still, a good chunk of Park Slope has been done and a few other neighborhoods are mostly covered. However, for all the time I spent going through old runs, 69 miles is not much to show for all the effort.